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CNC Hob Sharpening Machines

Hob Sharpening Machines, Sharpness Guaranteed !

Hob Sharpening Machines, Reproducctive Sharpness !

  • TA6/A6+CNC Hob Sharpening Machines from PRIMERO are developed with PRIMERO’s extensive experience in cutting tool machining equipment in combination with the latest technology.
    Featuring advanced computer control, the series of machine are high precision, versatile grinding machines with 5 axes control and 4 axes simultaneous control. These machines are applicable for sharpening hobs with straight and spiral flutes.
    In addition, upon customer’s requirement, these machines are available to design with an additional complicated part grinding function for sharpening the cutting edge of the slotting hob.
    The models A6 /A6+employ HSK interchangeable grinding wheel shank that helps to reduce wheel change time during machining, resulting in a higher production efficiency and increase of customer’s product development competition capabilities.
    As such, PRIMERO A6/A6+series is your best choice in upgrading production competitiveness and product development.

Hob Sharpening Machines Correct Cutting Face

  • Correct Cutting Face

  • Available to use general grinding wheels, CBN and diamond grinding wheel for efficient grinding and sharpening on HSS and super hard skining hobs and ceramic hobs.

Hob Sharpening Machines Plus Rake Angle

  • Plus Rake Angle

  • Machining data can be directly input through touch-screen, allowing automatic operation to be fully controlled.

Hob Sharpening Machines Minus Rake Angle

  • Minus Rake Angle

  • Coarse grinding, fine grinding and travel can be accurately set during performing high efficiency and high precision machining, that dramatically shortens machining time.

Hob Sharpening Machines Cutting Lace Profile Error

  • Cutting Lace Profile Error

  • High concentricity accuracy between the tool spindle and the tailstock center ensures high tooth quality while reducing error to a minimum.

Hob Sharpening Machines Index Error

  • Index Error

  • Servo motor drive on the indexing axis and feed axis eliminate troublesome preparation for gear change before machining.