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Angular CNC Cylindrical Grinder_PRA series

Positioning Accuracy 1 μm

  • ∎ High accuracy workpiece setup permits roundness error less than 1μm.
  • ∎ Center hole surface roughness N4 ~ N6 = 0.2 - 0.8 μm.
  • ∎ Grinding wheel dressing is NC controlled with dressing amount compensation function.
  • ∎ Automatic centering for workpiece clamping simplifies workpiece setup.
  • 1 Grinding wheel rotation.
  • 2 Grinding wheel spindle performs planetary motion.
  • 3 Grinding wheel moves reciprocally along the conic surface.
Extra high positioning accuracy center hole achieves less than 10μm of alignment error between center hole and axial center.
Internal taper angle error is less than 10 seconds.

Center Hole Grinding Examples